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Unless otherwise noted, all of these were taped by me from NBC. They are in EP, but look good when transferred to SP. This info may not apply if the tape source does not have a number, or if the episode was taped from any source other than NBC. Basically, anything before 11/21/98 (when I started recording SNL) is bound to be a rerun, unless otherwise noted.

ALL OF THESE ARE THE 90-MINUTE VERSIONS. Edits have been noted where known.

People ask me if I sell episodes. The answer is NO - I won't sell, but I will accept any DVDs from my wish list (see the bottom of the page).

Seasons 1-5 (1975-1980)

•These seasons are now available in stores, and thus are no longer being offered here, but I'll make an exception when it comes to original 1970s broadcasts ...

Seasons 6-15 (1980-1990)

Seasons 16-25 (1990-2000)

Seasons 26-35 (2000-2010)