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Theatrical Cartoons

Click each link to see a filmography on Wikipedia or elsewhere.

Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes)

Complete filmography 1929-1969 (64 discs)


- Pink Panther (complete)*

- The Inspector (complete)*

- The And & the Aardvark (complete)*

- Tijuana Toads (complete)

- Roland & Rattfink (complete)

- Blue Racer (complete)

- Hoot Kloot (complete)

- The Dogfather (complete - has timecode)

*Some of these were released on DVD with laugh tracks, but I have versions with the original audio available on separate discs.


-Make Mine Music (uncensored version with "The Martins and the Coys")

-Melody Time (uncensored version)

-Song of the South (with extras)

Max Fleischer

-Betty Boop (click for list)

-Popeye the Sailor (complete)

Famous Studios

-Popeye the Sailor (complete)

-Little Lulu (complete except for last two)

-Others (click for list)


Assorted home videos (click for list)

Cartoon Alley episodes (section coming soon)

National Film Board of Canada


TV Cartoons


Beavis and Butt-head - complete series (Uncensored King Turd collection V2)

Beavis and Butt-head - 2011 series, plus Jimmy Kimmel appearance

Eek! The Cat - click here for list of what I have

Misterjaw (click here for list)

•Edith Ann specials: "Homeless Go Home" and "Just Say Noel"

•Nelvana's "The Devil and Daniel Mouse" (DVD transfer from 16mm film; very good color)

Goof Troop: complete series recorded from FOX syndication, may be missing 1 or 2

Timon and Pumbaa: complete series 

Beany and Cecil: complete series (home video dubs)

The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil: five episodes

Tiny Toon Adventures: click here for list of what I have

Stressed Eric: all episodes aired on NBC

Family Guy - complete series, FOX airings (still in progress)

Family Guy - Death Has a Shadow (rough cut of first episode)

American Dad - complete series, FOX airings (still in progress)

The Cleveland Show - complete series, FOX airings (still in progress)

King of the Hill - complete series, original FOX airings (also have Seasons 7 & 8 from DVR/Adult Swim)

The PJs - complete series DVRed from TV One, plus most original FOX airings. (NOTE: Most guides for The PJs list 47 episodes, but I have only seen 43.  If anyone can prove the existence of the remaining four, please let me know.)

Father of the Pride - all aired episodes.

Aardman - click for list

MTV's Liquid Television - 3 tapes' worth, recorded in SLP mode

The Looney Tunes Show - complete first season

Robot Chicken - complete series (except for Star Wars #2), Adult Swim airings (I think some changes are made on the DVDs)

Random! Cartoons - 12 episodes/36 segments (Nicktoons)
Making Fiends - all 6 episodes (Nicktoons)

Moral Orel - complete series (only the first 15 were released on DVD)

The Boondocks - complete series

The Goode Family - complete series (never released on DVD!)

Sit Down, Shut Up - complete series, FOX airings (I actually don't like this show very much, but someone else might)

Futurama (Comedy Central) - all episodes to date (still in progress)

Celebrity Deathmatch - click here for list of what I have

Spicy City: complete series

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - Seasons 3 through 6, plus shorts
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show: all 12 aired episodes

Documentaries / Behind the Scenes


•It's Your 20th Anniversary, Charlie Brown (1985)

•Animation Nation (3-part BBC documentary, 1998)

•The South Bank Show: The Art of Walt Disney (1988)

•100 Greatest Cartoons (BBC, 2005)

•Chuck Jones interviews disc (Later with Bob Costas, Charlie Rose, PBS)

•VH1 Goes Inside South Park
•VH1 Goes Inside Shrek
VH1 Goes Inside Prime Time Cartoons
The Animators (PBS, 1982)
Inside the Actors' Studio: Simpsons cast

Inside the Actors' Studio: Family Guy cast
Good Ol' Charlie Schulz (PBS, 2006)
The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch: Million Dollar Voices (1/16/07)
Independent Lens: The Political Dr. Seuss
Simpsons 20th anniversary spectacular! in 3D! on ice!
Making of Coraline (HBO)
Spongebob 10th Anniversary Special

•Charlie Rose: John Lasseter interview (Nov. 2011) 

•Larry King special "Dinner with the Kings" (features Seth MacFarlane, Conan O'Brien, Russell Brand, others - fun show)

My cartoon want list