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--In Living Color: original uncensored FOX broadcasts from Seasons 2-5

--SCTV: first-run episodes from seasons 1-3 as aired on NBC or Global
--Chico and the Man - either original airings or SUN-TV syndicated reruns

--1990's late night TV appearances of Kids in the Hall cast members
--The Chris Rock Show
- I am looking for these 4 episodes:

    •Johnnie Cochran/The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (2/7/97 - original HBO airing)

    •Larry Elder/Jay-Z (10/16/98)

    •Colin Quinn/JB Smoove (10/29/99)   

    •Marion Barry/Jay-Z (12/17/99)

--Roadshow (1980)

--The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour (1982)

--The New Show (1984) -- any episodes not listed

--Andrea Martin ... Together Again (1989)

--The Martin Short Show (1994 NBC sketch comedy series)

--The Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show (NBC, 5/20/95)

--Dana Carvey: Critic's Choice (1995)

--Maniac Mansion



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