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Rutland Weekend Television

Song titles are in quotes.

101. Gibberish/"Star of the Sexy Movies"/"Stoop Solo"
102. Kung-Fu/"Say Sorry Again"/"Communist Cooking"/"Lie Down and Be Counted"
103. Warning System/"Good Times Roll"/"Football"/"Boring"
104. The Old Gay Whistle Test/"Bandwagon"/"The Fabulous Bingo Brothers"/"Protest Song"
105. Rain in Hendon/"I'm the Urban Spaceman"/"Frontloader"
106. Budget Cuts/"Singing a Song is Easy"/"L'Amour Perdu"/"Song of the Continuity Announcers"
10X. RUTLAND WEEKEND CHRISTMAS/"Concrete Jungle Boy"/"I Don't Believe in Santa Anymore"/"Pirate Song" (George Harrison)
201. Announcer Auditions/"I Must Be In Love" (RUTLES debut)/"Age of Desperation"
202. The Razor Blade Four/"Topless A-Go-Go"/"Godfrey Daniel"
203. Lance Corporal Collier/"I Give Myself to You"/"Crystal Balls"
204. The Ricochet Brothers/"The Hard-to-Get"/"Sprimpo Ooh-la-la"/"24 Hours in Tunbridge Wells"
205. Tony Bilbow Theatre/"Song o' the Insurance Men"/"Accountancy Shanty"/"Another Lonely Man"
206. The Lone Accountant/"Drama On a Saturday Night"/
207. Showtime!/"The Smoke of the Autumn Bonfires"/"Janitor's Kids"/"Rover the Drover"/"Slaves of Freedom"/"It's Hard to Make it When You're Straight"

Do Not Adjust Your Set

3 or 4 episodes (to be listed soon)

At Last the 1948 Show

5 episodes? (to be listed soon)

Other stuff

-Misc. clips (to be organized soon)
-Pleasure at Her Majesty's (alternate version)
-The Secret Policeman's Ball, Other Ball, Private Parts
-The Odd Job (movie starring Graham Chapman)
-Alternate scene from "The Rutles: All You Need is Cash" (Brian Thigh shoots himself)
-Rutles reunion at the Director's Guild, Los Angeles, March 2001