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1950s and 1960s Muppet commercials
any TV appearances with Fraggle Rock characters (i.e., Cotterpin Doozer on the Today Show)
Ed Sullivan clips: Come Together, What Kind of Fool Am I
Fraggle Rock HBO preview interstitial(s) that aired before the show itself debuted
Fraggle Rock UK episodes not listed
Little Muppet Monsters episodes (any which didn't air)
Mopatop's Shop episodes not listed
Muppet Meeting Films not listed
Muppets on the Arsenio Hall show
Muppets on the Mike Douglas Show
Out to Lunch
Rowlf on the Jimmy Dean Show (full episodes, or just clips - whatever exists)
Sam and Friends episodes not listed
Secret Life of Toys episodes not listed
Sesame Street wrap party tape (end of 34th season)
Sesame Street: Any non-Noggin episodes made between 1969 and 1993 (preferably with episode numbers that begin with 16__, 17__, 18__ or 19__, or even 1-, 2-, or 3-digit numbers).
Travelling Matt presenting Children's ITV
Youth '68
basically, anything Jim did between 1955-1968

Sesame Street sketches wanted

any of the clips listed on the SS Foreign clips section (in English language)
anything with Beautiful Day Monster (not listed), 1969-1970
anything with Professor Hastings
anything with Roosevelt Franklin not listed
2-headed monster: P and R
Caveman Days: getting to school? (first sketch)
Cookie Monster has a nightmare about meeting a giant, talking "monster cookie"
Cookie Monster helps the 2-headed monster solve an argument
Cookie Monster is bothered by a little bug, who only wants his letter Z
Director Kermit on the set with Gladys the cow
E&B: Pretending to be a tree in order to attract birds (with Ingrid, aka Juliette)
Game Show: Beat the Time (with Grover as guest)
Game Show: Mystery Guest (X)
Game Show: The Trading Game
Grover the Waiter: Grover serves The Count hot dogs
Grover, Herbert Birdsfoot and the AN family (3-part sketch)
Hill Street Twos
Miami Mice with The Count
Mysterious Theater: The Mystery of the Missing Cat
News Flash: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
News Flash: Jack Be Nimble
News Flash: Little Miss Muffet
News Flash: Pinocchio
News Flash: Spaceship on Old MacDonald's farm
Song: Google Bugle (Cookie Monster)
Song: Has Anybody Seen My Dog?
Song: I Wonder 'Bout The World Above Up There (Kermit and kids)
Song: Long Time No See (A barber cuts someone's extra-long hair)
Song: One Potato (The Count)
Song: Sad (Little Jerry & Monotones)
Song: There's A Hole in the Bucket
Story: The Boy, The Girl and The Jellybeans (3-part sketch?)
The American Revolution: Washington Crossing the Delaware