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The Innes Book of Records

12 or 13 episodes, to be catalogued soon

East of the Moon

1. Why Birds Sing in the Morning/The Boat That Went Nowhere
2. The Faraway Castle/"Quiet Talks and Summer Walks"/Three Raindrops/"The Time Is Now"
3. The Island of Purple Fruits/"Them"/The Fly-By-Night/"Some Days"/"Boodle Dum Dee"
4. The Ship of Bones/The Big Noses/"Hush"
5. "Plenty of Time"/The Corn Dolly/The Silly King/"Just a Jester"
6. The Wonderful Cake-horse/Jack One-Step/"My New School"/"Hobgoblins"
7. The Witch and the Rainbow Cat/"Think Before You Speak"/The Sea Tiger

Away With Words

About 9-10 episodes, to be catalogued soon

Other stuff

-misc. clips & concert footage (to be organized soon)
-The Camera and the Song: GRIMMS (25:43)
-"Dear Father Christmas" music video (TV appearance?) (3:09)
-Commercial for Quality Street w/ Neil - "Magic Moments" (incomplete) (0:36)
-Commercial for BBC4's "Sex, Lies & Toupee Tape" w/ Neil (0:33)
-Holsten Export ad - "Pygmies" (0:40)
-Fundamental Frolics - Neil sings "Crystal Balls," "One Thing On Your Mind" and "Down That Road" (11:38)
-1997 Beatlefest? - Neil sings "Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik" and "How Sweet to Be an Idiot" (4:58)
-Frankie Howard Show (1981?): Neil sings "Paranoia," "Crystal Balls," "Don't Make Me Use My Imagination," "Shangri-La," "I Like Cezanne Says Anne" (11:00)
-Rutles "Shangri-La" music video (w/ Slash intro & outro) (4:58)
-Bill Maher message to Rutles (0:18)
-CNN coverage - making of "Shangri-La" video (2:53)
-The Rutles - Together Again (rooftop "concert") (11:19)
-Clip: 2003 Lava Lounge show - "Bruce's Philosophers Song," "Let's Be Natural/Shangri-La," "Short Blues," "Back in '64" (16:05)
-Rutles Seminar @ Director's Guild (partial) (39:03)
-Beatlefest '97 - Rutles panel & performances (incomplete)