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South Park

-all episodes to date
-Original aired versions of eps. 413, 502, 509, 1011 

-16:9 versions of some of Seasons 5-7 (not available on DVD in 16:9)

-16:9 versions of ALL of Seasons 8-10 (not available on DVD in 16:9) - Seasons 8 and 10 UNCENSORED (mostly)

-16:9 versions of 2nd half of Season 12 (not available on DVD in 16:9)

(the 16:9 versions have more image on the left and right of the screen, except in Season 11 and the first half of Season 12, all of which are identical to the 4:3 version but with top/bottom cropped out)

-The Spirit of Christmas (both versions)
-Cartman Gets an Anal Probe (unaired version - bonus DVD with Season 2 DVD set) 

-Complete Season 1 (4 discs - with commentary tracks plus some of the extras listed here)

-Canned Ham presents: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
-Larry Elder clip
-New Year's Eve countdown to 1998
-The Gauntlet (MTV Movie Awards 2000) 

-Shocked (2003) - Trio documentary about the "Princess" Flash cartoons
-VH1 Goes Inside South Park (2004)

Trey Parker stuff

-American History
-That's All Right Mama
-Your Studio and You
-Tubes of Fire
-Alferd Packer: short documentary segment
-Alferd Packer: 4 hrs of behind the scenes footage
-Orgazmo: NC-17 version (with alternate soundtrack and different scenes)
-Orgazmo: 1 1/2 hours of outtakes
-Time Warped: Episode 1, "Aaron" 

Trey & Matt on TV

-South Park coverage

*Tonight Show (12/97)

*Letterman (3/15/06)

-Team America coverage
*60 Minutes *Jay Leno *Conan O'Brien *Jimmy Kimmel Live *Last Call With Carson Daly 

*Charlie Rose

-"Book of Mormon" coverage

*60 Minutes

*The Daily Show

Want list

-Time Warped episode 1 (Better condition)
-Time Warped episode 2: Rom and Jewell
-Any TV appearances not listed
-any DVDA concert footage
-anything else T&M worked on (Man on the Moon, etc.)
-anything else with Dian Bachar in it