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Here is all the Muppet stuff I have for trade ...

1. Chet Huntley (4:10) 

2. Powder Burn (4:42)

3. promo - weeknights at 6:40 (0:24) 

4. Kermit "Loona" (0:56)

5. Riding Horses Backwards (0:44) - inc.

6. Esskay Song (incorrectly labeled as "Chet Huntley") (1:06) - looks inc. 

7. C'est Si Bon / Mirror Mirror (4:31) 

8. I've Got You Under My Skin (2:08) - color 

9. Poison to Poison (3:21) - color 

10. Where Hunger is From (3:38) - color

11. Visual Thinking (2:48) 

12. Riding Horses Backwards (1:47) 

13. Ole Black Magic (4:29)

14. Singin' in the Rain (odd bit) (1:18) - color 

15. Wilson's Meats promo with Scoop and Skip (2:01) - inc

Beautiful Day 

Big Bird Dance Number 

Business Business

Computer Dinner 

Garbage Can Monster 


I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face (2 versions)

Inchworm (featuring Kermit)


Mahna Mahna 

Monster Father And Son Talk

Muppet Reindeer

Music Hath Charms (featuring Kermit) 

Octopus's Garden 

Rock N' Roll Monster 

Santa's Workshop (with Arthur Godfrey) 

Scrap Flyapp 

Story of Amanda 

Visual Thinking 

Whatnot With Rex Robbins

Wild String Quartet (featuring Mahna Mahna)

It Feels Like Christmas (1992)


Complete series from various sources, including HBO, CBC and Disney Channel


Capture The Moon
The Minstrels
The Great Radish Famine
The Garden Plot
Gobo's Discovery
Mokey's Funeral
The Beast of Blue Rock
Wembley's Egg
Boober Rock
Boober's Dream
Mokey and the Minstrels
A Friend in Need
The Doozer Contest
Red's Club
The Secret Of Convincing John
Junior Sells The Farm
Fraggle Wars
The Day The Music Died
Doomsday Soup
A Cave Of One's Own
Wembley And The Great Race
Doozer Is As Doozer Does
Boober's Quiet Day
The Invasion Of The Toe Ticklers
Born To Wander

In the Beginning

Space Cowboys

The Great Boodini

(all sourced from video, NOT from YouTube)

Complete series taped from HBO (better copies wanted, preferably from video source)

Complete series taped from NBC and Nickelodeon (also have deinterlaced copies of MuppetTelevision segments packaged as "The Jim Henson Show").  Some copies have been upgraded as of this writing.

Baa Baa Blacksheep
Boy Blue
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hickory Dickory Dock
Humpty Dumpty
Jack Horner
Little Bo Peep
Magery Daw
Mary Mary
Miss Muffet
Old King Cole
Song of Sixpence
The Prince and the Beggars
Tommy Tucker

All six installments

Bald Eagle - Nick Jr. UK
Beaver / Spider - BBC
Cheetah / Gazelle - BBC
Dolphin / Bat - BBC
Giraffe / Sloth - FOX (shortened)
Indian Elephant / Human - Nick Jr. UK
Koala / Ostrich - BBC
Lion / Zebra - BBC
Manatee / Lemur - BBC
Owl / Octopus (dub of SLP VHS)
Raccoon / Polar Bear - BBC
Snake / Skunk - BBC
Tiger / Tiger Beetle - FOX (shortened)
Wolf / Baboon - BBC

All Washed Up
Balthazar in Beamland
Be Plush
Cat Toy That Roared, The
Disappearing Ditz
Ditz and Datz
Follow The Leader
I Spy
I'm Gonna Tell On You
Magic Fish, The
Mr. And Mrs. Rugby
Queen Raisin
Rockabye Worries
True Mew
Who Shares Wins

A Ha Ee
Arabella Angel
Argument, The
Big Bicycle Race, The
Brave Canary, The
Cold Feet
Dream The Dream
Fantastic Fancy Outfit
Flatcap Frankie's Shop
Flying Carpet
Gluey Glop
Grand Opening
Grand Slam
Heebie Jeebie, The
I Want To Be A Unicorn
Keep Fit
Mac and the Lolly Stalk
Mirror, Mirror
Moon Dreams
Mouldylocks and the 3 Pears
Mouse Count
Musical Sounds
Nodding Off
No Job Too Small
No Mice for Sale
Oh, Christmas Tree
Old Dog, New Tricks
Party Time
Princess Lulabelle
Quickie Slowgo
Ships Ahoy
Singa Songa
Teething Troubles
Thank You
Three Sale
Trouble with a Puddle
Upsy Daisy
Whizzy, The
Wizard's Wand, The

A Beary Bear Christmas (2-part episode)
A Plant Grows in Bear's House
A Strange Bird
Amazing Skippy, The
Back To Nature
Bats Are People Too
Big Sleep, The
Friends For Life
Good Times
Great Pretender, The
Halloween Bear
Let's Hit The Road
Mouse Party
Need A Little Help Today
Ojolympics, The
Ooh, Baby, Baby
Raiders of the Lost Cheese
Read My Book
Shape of a Bear
Spring Fever

NOTE: I'm currently not interested in obtaining more episodes of this show, but if you want more from me than you can give, chances are I'll accept some BITBBH.

Pack of Lies? (Shakespeare / Juan Caprini)
Get a Job
Alterations With Attitude
Quality Time (station goof-up: first 2-3 minutes of this episode has audio of "Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show" ... this is where closed captioning comes in handy)

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Complete series taped from Canadian Family Channel; each episode is 3 mins. longer than the US broadcasts

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I decided to stop updating this page, because the Sesame Street episode guides on Muppet Wiki have made my list obsolete.  The link leads to a Word document of the original list I made, if you really want to keep it.