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These rules are based on years of experience.  Some of them may not apply if I have contacted you first, so there's no need to feel intimidated.  My goal is to be as reasonable as possible, because I know how it feels when someone doesn't want to share with you.

If you want to trade with me, you must abide by these rules:

1. If I haven't traded with you before, you have to send your package first. (I have plenty of references who can vouch for me)

2. In your email, please put something in the subject line that signifies why you're emailing me ("Muppet trade," "SNL trade" etc.). MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LEAVE THE SUBJECT LINE BLANK.

2b. When making me a trade offer, please describe the quality of what you're offering, so I know what to expect.  I normally shy away from DVDs and sets made from online downloads or AVI files, unless it's the only known way of seeing it.

3. As a rule and as an act of courtesy towards the copyright owners, I choose not to sell anything I copy.  But I will accept official DVDs (not DVD-R copies) as trade items. See my wish list for more info.

4. Please package your tapes/DVDs well, so you'll be sure they won't get damaged in transit on the way to my house.  Bubble wrap works wonders.

5. I'll accept ONLY 120-minute (2-hour) tapes of the following brands: Sony, Fuji, TDK, Maxell. The higher the grade, the better. 

5a. If you can record on DVD, that's a big plus, but I won't accept VCD. If you'd prefer to record on DVD instead of VHS, please specify, but please make sure that your DVD player can play DVD-R formatted discs. (See the "Exchange rates" section for more info.)  My favorite DVD-R brands are Sony, Verbatim, imation, Ritek/Ridata, Maxell and TDK.  (NO Memorex please!)

6. Please record all tapes/DVDs in XP or SP, not LP, EP or SLP.

7. If you don't have anything to give me in return, but you want to deal with me anyway, then I'll only do it to help you trade with other people. I don't want to be the only one to depend on for good stuff. (See the "Exchange rates" section and my wish list/s for more info.)

8. If you live in another country but are able to record in NTSC, I'll accept NTSC tapes from you, unless the way you convert from your format into NTSC interferes with the quality of the recording. Otherwise I'll accept tapes recorded in PAL or SECAM or any other (please specify).

9. When deciding what you want on a tape/DVD, don't keep changing your mind - especially if I've already started recording it for you. It's very annoying, and it wastes my time.

10. When recording a tape, please record 15-30 seconds of blank screen space at the beginning. This will give time for the tracking to adjust before you record the program.

11. If I haven't responded to you in over a week after you've written to me, then feel free to check in with me. My lack of response doesn't mean I'm ignoring you - it probably means I'm exhausted and/or need a break from trading, in which case I'll announce it on the site.