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WB: Secrets of the Caribbean (Private SNAFU)

Disney: It's Tough To Be a Bird (theatrical version)


--Celebrity Deathmatch: any episodes not marked in this Excel document

--The Great Space Coaster - any episodes
--The Alvin Show (26 episodes) - preferably in color

--Any unlisted episodes of Eek the Cat / Eek-stravaganza / Terrible Thunderlizards / etc. -- must be GOOD quality, not from iOffer set

--Any episodes of Santo Bugito

--Any episodes of Stressed Eric (British)


--The Point (narrated by Dustin Hoffman or Alan Thicke)

--Lilliput Put (Bruno Bozzetto)
--NFB DVDs (these can be purchased at the NFB online store):

         Beyond the Blue Meanies: The Animation of Paul Driessen**

         John F. Weldon's Lighter Lunacy**

         Richard Condie's Family Album**

**If you get me one of these, I will reward you greatly, with an entire season or set of any show listed on my website.

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