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*only if in B&W

-any "Golden Age of Looney Tunes" sets (preferably on DVD)
-any B&W version of a cartoon that I currently only have a computer colorized version of (see 30s and 40s sections)

90 Day Wandering
Bird in a Bonnet, A
Crackpot Quail w/orig. sfx
Hitch in Time, A
Little Go Beep
Little Red Rodent Hood
Oily American, The
Secrets of the Caribbean (Private SNAFU)

More to be added as I think of them ...


The Pink Panther

Trail of the Lonesome Pink (only if there's no canned laughter)

Tijuana Toads

Tijuana Toads (debut cartoon)
Fastest Tongue in the West


Davey Jones' Locker
Mary Sharkman, Mary Sharkman (w/o timecode)
Sea Chase
Stand-In Room Only
Never Shake Hands With a Piranha
Transistorized Shark
Shark and the Beanstalk


-any Cinemascope cartoons not available on DVD

Bearly Asleep
It's Tough To Be a Bird (theatrical version only)
No Hunting



Spinach Vs. Hamburgers
Fistic Mystic, The

Little Lulu

Baby Sitter, The
Daffydilly Daddy
It's Nifty To Be Thrifty
Lucky Lulu
Lulu Gets The Birdie
Lulu In Hollywood
Lulu's Birthday Party
Lulu's Indoor Outing
Super Lulu

Danger Mouse

Any episodes not listed (click here)

-Episodes of Eek the Cat / Eek-stravaganza / Terrible Thunderlizards / etc.